Taking Care of Long, Layered Wigs


Whether they are synthetic or human, wigs need some TLC. But don't let that put you off getting that beautiful wig you've been eyeing in our store: taking care of wigs is quite easy. Although the longer they are, the more attention you have to give them, but don't worry about that: you've got this!

When it comes to maintaining long wigs, these are the fundamentals you need to know:

  • Get your shampoos and conditioners right. Using human hair shampoos on synthetic wigs might not be a good idea, and vice versa is the case as well. Using regular shampoo on either human or synthetic hair wigs is a big DON'T.
  • Get a good quality wig brush (boar bristles, preferably). The layers, waves, and curls make for easy tangling, so this will help you remove the kings and maintain that lovely, flowing hair.
  • Go easy on the hair spray! Hair sprays, especially oil hair sprays, are great for shine, but too much of them cause build up on your wigs, making the hair stiff and lack luster over time. 
  • Wear a wig cap underneath that wig: your hair is a crown. Both your crowns need protection, regardless of which one is on display.
  • Properly store your wig on a mannequin or a wall peg when not in use. And wherever you store them should be out of direct sunlight and away from dust.

The general rule of thumb is to ask your stylist for tips about taking care of your wig, or simply following the instructions that come with the package. Bottom line: your wigs are an investment, and worth the attention you give them.

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