Hair Care Tips for Spring Season

March is here! Welcome to the new month, lovelies 💖.

March is the official beginning of Springtime, and though the weather may take a while to catch up with things, we can still go ahead and plan for it, by learning how to take care of our hair this spring.

We're here with a few tips for your afro-textured crown, and if you already know them, good for you! If you know AND practice these, way to go, girl! If you've done none of these, now's a great time to start. Let's go!

  1. Hydrate Internally and Externally - Drink water. It's important. Drinking up to 8 glasses a day is optimal and spritzing your hair with water now and then cinches keeps your hair refreshed. Who knew water was that big of a deal?
  2. Wash Your Hair - Naturalistas who dislike wash day, let's see your hands up! Well, sorry, but wash day is necessary for glorious hair. The weather tends to be harsh to our tresses, so one hair care tip is to adopt a wash day routine, and stick to it. And makes ure you use sulphate-free hair products.
  3. Harsh Weather? Keep Your Hair Covered - Our Satin-lined African-print head wraps are here for you. Stylishly protect your hair against the elements with our head wraps, and if you lack a satin bonnet to sleep in, these will do in a pinch!
  4. Eat Well, Sleep Well - What you eat and how much you sleep helps keep your healthy, regardless of where you live. 8 hours of sleep (if you can), loads of fruits and veggies (avocados, anyone?), throw in some exercise, and you're keeping not just your hair, but your entire system in good shape.
  5. Braid Before Sleep - Always braid or twist your hair before going to bed. This seals in moisture, prevents breakage, and makes for an easy twist out in the morning.
  6. Use Protective Hairstyles - But what if you wake up and you just don't want to take out those braids? Get a wig! Shop our selection of premium wigs and weaves and keep them handy. Over-manipulating your hair isn't a good idea either, so leave those braids in, and get a wig or a clip-in to go.

Want more hair care tips? Check out this post by NaturalGirl Wigs. Have a wonderful month and take care of your crown.


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