How To Take Care of Your Zury Sis GIA Wig


The Zury Sis GIA wig is the perfect wig for those who love short hair, bobs, and drama. This lace-front wig is a charming 6" half-moon part, which gives it an edgy, fun look; and though synthetic, this wig feels just like human hair.

If you're taking a break from big hair, crochet braids, or long weaves, this would be a great fit for you. It is light to wear and easy to take care of, so don't worry about how to keep your Zury Sis GIA wig in good shape for a long time.

Here are some tips about taking care of your Zury Sis GIA wig and feel free to share this blog post with your friends!

  • Wash Your Wig Regularly - Your wig will serve you well for longer when you handle it with care, and the first rule of taking care of your GIA wig is washing it regularly. A wash every 4-6 weeks is ideal, and when handling your wig, remember that it is synthetic, not human hair. This means using good wig-friendly shampoos and conditioners to bring out the shine in those synthetic fibers. Remember to brush your wig before washing it to remove tangles and product build-up. And don't rub or massage the wig as you wash. Combing it is enough and always use warm water!
  • Take Your Wig to a Professional - There are hair salons that offer wig care services, and you should your wig to them if you think you'll have problems caring for it yourself. When it comes to trimming your wig or cutting some hairs, don't do it yourself, but let a professional do it. These synthetic fibers will never grow back, so you need to err on the safer side and visit a hair stylist before you (potentially) ruin your wig.
  • Properly Store Your Wig - Whenever you aren't using your wig, hang it on a hook or place it on a mannequin head. This will keep the fibers straight and prevent tangling. If possible, cover the wig with a cap, to keep dust away.
  • Be Careful with the Spray - The Zury Sis GIA wig has some flyaway hair, so it's natural that you would want to grab some hair spray to tame it. Hair spray is alright, and you can even opt for a wax stick to tame those flyaways; but be careful not to overdo it, or your wig could become stringy and greasy, and that is never a good look (unless it's what you're going for).EBIN NEW YORK 24 HOUR EDGE TAMER MELON HAIR WAX STICK

Ebin New York 24 Hour Ebin Sleek Hair Wax Stick

  • Heat-Safe - The Zury Sis GIA wig is heat-safe for temperatures up to 170°C, so you can style it with heat without fear of damaging it. However, when drying your wig after washing, try to let it dry naturally more often than blow-drying it.


  • No Sleeping and Showering - Always remove your wig before going to bed or taking a bath or during a heavy downpour when you don't have an umbrella. The only time water is touching your wig is when you're washing it and sleeping with it on will leave you with tangles and knots like you wouldn't believe.
  • Take Care of Your Crown Beneath the Wig - Keep your natural hair in excellent condition even as you beautify it with a wig. Keep it under a cap before wearing a wig, and make it all look good with the Ebin NY Tinted Lace Spray for a blended, natural look where lace meets skin; and tame your edges with the Nicka K Tyche TruEdge Controller.


Now you can slay your Zury Sis GIA wig as you're meant to! Get yours now and remember that taking good care of your wig makes it last longer and keeps you looking fly longer: 'cause your hair is a crown.



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