Tips for Maintaining Curly Crochet Braids

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 Curly crochet hair styles, and curly crochet braids in particular, are quite popular because they are trendy and one of the easiest ways to rock different curl patterns while protecting your hair, and with as little manipulation and stress to your hair and scalp as possible. 

While curly crochet braids have a lot of things working in their favor, they need to be properly taken care of if you want them to last on your head past a week and a half. Proper maintenance is key to long lasting curly crochet braids, and in this post, we share 5 tips to help you maintain your crochet braids so that they last up to 4 to 6 weeks (what??? Yes, it's possible!), and get your money's worth before taking them down.

#Tip 1: Buy Quality

There is a famous saying that goes, "Buy cheap, buy twice." At Exodus Beauty, our goal is to provide you with high-quality products at affordable prices. We source all the crochet braids and hairs we stock directly from US-based suppliers, who have decades of experience in manufacturing quality hair products.

Buying cheap brands may seem economical, but after installing, you will take down those braids sooner than you expected. Why? The almost-magical, impossible-to-get-rid-of tangles. The sponge-like texture and look after just 1 to 2 weeks. These happen because of the poor-quality synthetic fibres used in manufacturing the curly crochet braids. We recommend you buy quality brands that keep you looking stylish, while giving you value for your money.

#Tip 2: Cut Off Tangles at least Every 2 Weeks

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Crochet braids are made from Kanekalon/Toyokalon synthetic fibres. As time passes, the fibres, especially those in curly crochet braids, gradually tangle. However, how bad the curls tangle depends on the quality of the synthetic fibre used in making the crochet braids. At Exodus Beauty, we stock crochet braids made from premium Kanekalon/Toyokalon synthetic fibres. This means that, tangle though they must, managing them is very easy, making them last longer and look more natural the longer you keep them in.

To keep your crochet braids in for longer with minimal tangling, you need to cut off the tangled parts at least once every 2 weeks. Here's how you do it:

  • Using your fingers, carefully separate the curls. Most of the tangles are in between the curls, and your fingers are the best detangling tools there are. 
  • As the tangled parts become visible, get a pair of scissors and cut them out. Do this repeatedly, using your fingers to run through the curls until most of the tangles are cut out.
  • If the tangles are at the end of the curls, be careful not to cut too much, or you'll end up with an unfortunate trim.
  • The more you do this, the less tangled crochet curls, and the more natural-looking, long-lasting crochet braids.

#Tip 3: Apply a Good Leave-In Conditioning Spray or Mousse

Exodus Beauty Ebin New York Braid Sheen Spray

The primary purpose of hair conditioner is to give your hair moisture, keeping it soft and manageable. This doesn't just apply to your natural hair, but also to wigs, weaves, and yes, curly crochet braids. Frequent application of a good leave-in conditioning spray or styling mousse to your curly crochet braids will make the curls easier to manage, less tangly, and more popping.

We recommend our Braid Sheen Spray by EBIN New York for applying immediately before or after cutting out the tangles from your crochet hair. Simply,

  • Hold the spray bottle a few inches from your head, close your eyes, and spray.
  • As you spray, fluff your curls with your fingers.
  • If you're using a styling mousse, pump the foam into your palms and lightly massage into your curls, making sure it is evenly distributed all over. Fluff curls as you go.
  • Water is also a great conditioner.Just pour some water into an empty spray bottle and spray on your curls (hold it a few inches away).
  • Use your fingers to run through your curls as your spray, and when you apply some leave-in conditioner after misting with water. Again, using your fingers helps separate the curls, making it easier for you to see and cut out tangles.

#Tip 4: Do Not Comb or Brush Frequently

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While premium Kanekalon/Toyokalon synthetic fibres are great for combing and brushing, doing that frequently will mess up the curl pattern completely. How often you comb or brush your curly crochet hair depends on what look you are going for.

Wide-toothed combs

Don't want tight, defined curls? After installing your crochet hair, use a wide-toothed comb or brush to fluff out the curls. Want less-defined curls later on in your crochet journey? Keep that wide-toothed comb handy for then. Not sure how to use a wide-toothed comb, but want fluffier, loosely defined hair? Your fingers to the rescue!

The less you manipulate your curly crochet hair, the longer it will last.

#Tip 5: Keep Your Braids Neatly tucked Away Before Going to Bed

This tip may be the last on the list, but it isn't the least. The key to wearing your curly crochet braids for more than 2 weeks is to protect them while you sleep at night. Whether long, mid-length, or short curly crochet braids, we recommend covering them up with our satin-lined head wraps to keep them neatly tucked in at night. If you're the type who changes sleeping positions all the time as you sleep, and can't vouch for the security of your head wrap, get a satin or silk pillowcase for your pillow. 

When you get up in the morning, remove the satin wrap, shake your curls, finger-comb them, and you're good to go! Got extra time on your hands? Search for and cut out the tangles, spray on some conditioner, fluff, and go make the day happen.

Exodus Beauty's Janet Collection Nalatress - Boho Twist Braid 18"

You didn't spend money to buy quality hair, do time in a hairstylist's chair, get all glammed up, just to have your hair looking frizzy in just 2 weeks. These tips are not exhaustive, and if you have any tips you use to keep your curly crochet braids looking fine for longer, drop them in the comments below!

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