Valentine 2021: You First

You don't need anyone to make you happy; you can do that all by yourself. 

People come under a lot of pressure in Valentine season because they don't have partners or significant others to show love to, but who made that rule, anyway? Who says you can't be your significant other? Who says you can't get yourself some chocolate and a pink heart-shaped balloon for Valentine's?

Who said you can't pamper yourself, show yourself some love, this season?

Everyone needs love, and while we give it out, we forget we need to show it to ourselves too. If this is a tough concept for you to wrap your head around, don't worry: we got you.

You Aren't Being Selfish

If doing something for yourself 'just because' smacks of selfishness, you need to stop thinking like that right now. If you don't feel the love, you will burn out showing it to others. Increase your capacity to love others by loving yourself.

This is Just One Month in A Whole Year!

Okay, we aren't saying you should splurge on yourself every weekend, but why not take out some time to make you feel special, to put YOU first? And why can't it be Valentine's Day? Oh, and your birthday?

Feel Good and Make Others Feel Good

It's Covid. Nobody's going anywhere. Family members and friends are all over the world, wishing they could see themselves in person, praying that their loved ones are doing okay. You can put their minds to rest on that count. Pamper yourself with a bath surrounded by scented candles. Get some hair packs going at a discount in our Valentine Promo (which ends on the 15th at midnight) and check out our Instagram for styling tips. Then get everyone on Zoom and show them your fine self! Put their minds at ease, and yours as well, and sleep well knowing that you made them happy, and you are happy.

When you take care of yourself, you're in a better position to take care of others. Don't underrate the power of self-love, this February.

Always rooting for you!



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