Pantene Gold Series Sulfate Free Shampoo Pantene Hair Care 8.5oz
Pantene Gold Series Sulfate Free Shampoo Pantene Hair Care 8.5oz

Pantene Gold Series Sulfate Free Shampoo

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Pantene Gold Series Sulfate Free Shampoo is a sulfate-free formula infused with argan oil to gently cleanse and instantly soften dry, damaged hair. The rich lather of the Pantene  Gold Series Sulfate Free Shampoo works to remove buildup without stripping hair of its natural oils. Plus, this formula is free of harsh ingredients like parabens, sulfates, and silicones to keep hair looking and feeling healthy.


Water, Sodium Lauroyl Methyl Isethionate Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Fragrance, Panthenol, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol, Polyquaternium-10, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Salicylic Acid, Polyquaternium-7, Titanium Dioxide, Glycolic Acid, Panthenyl Ethyl Ether, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Sodium Hydroxide


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    How long does it take for my order to be processed?

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    Order Verification Process

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    • Verification for repeat orders
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    • PayPal Verification

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    How to Cancel or Amend My Order?

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    Part 2: Online Payment Transactions & Account Creation


    How Do Online Payment Transactions Work?

    For your protection and security, it is important to understand how online transactions are processed when you place an order with us. Find below the parties involved in online payment transactions, and how they interact with each other. Source: Barclaycard

    1. You - the customer. The person who owns the payment card. Also known as the ‘cardholder’.
    1. Us - the company. Also known as the ‘merchant’ where you shop online via our website.
    1. The payment gateway. This is a secure connection/software in the back end of our website, used to encrypt credit card payment data for every transaction. It verifies the authenticity of a transaction and keeps sensitive information (your card details) secure as it sends the encrypted data to the payment processing company.
    1. The payments processing company, also known as an ‘acquirer’. This is the company responsible for processing payments on our behalf. They take the card payment when you place an order and transfer it to us. Examples include PayPal, Stripe/Shopify Pay. Please note that we are not the ones responsible for taking your money from your card/bank account when you place an order online. This is the responsibility of a Payments processor.
    1. The payment scheme/system. This is the system which your card is linked to, e.g., Visa, Mastercard (you can see the Mastercard or Visa logo on the front of your card) or PayPal. This system is responsible for creating a link between the payment processing company (also known as the acquirer) and your bank (also known as the issuing bank).
    1. Your bank. This is also known as the ‘issuing bank’ that issues your credit/debit card. This bank either be a credit card company or where your bank account is domiciled.

     To further illustrate how they interact with each other, refer to the example below.

    1. Tammie visits to purchase the Zury BYD Bohemian Lace wig for £55.95. She enters her payment information at checkout using her credit card (Mastercard/VISA) issued by her bank or PayPal checkout.
    1. Transaction details (including card information) is verified and authenticated by the payment gateway on The data is encrypted and securely sent by the payment gateway to the payment processing company.
    1. The payment processing company, (the acquirer) receives the secure payment data, and sends a debit authorisation request to Mastercard/VISA.
    1. When Mastercard/VISA receives this request, they will ask Tammie’s bank (the credit card issuer) to check if she has enough funds in her card to pay for the transaction, and that the card isnt blocked.
    1. If Tammie’s bank confirms she has enough funds and the card isnt blocked, the transaction amount of £55.95 is then taken from Tammie’s bank account or credit card and held by the payment processing company. The hold will also be visible in your bank account as your balance will reduce by the same amount.
    1. Since the transaction amount is already held by the payment processing company, a notification is sent to the payment gateway who confirms the transaction to both Tammie (the customer) and the (the merchant/seller).
    1. Upon receipt of the authorised notification by the payment gateway on, a successful confirmation is displayed to Tammie and The wig is then processed for shipping by the merchant.
    1. At the end of the business day, the payment processing company will transfer the transaction held on behalf of (the merchant) to their bank account along with other transactions. It takes about 2 to 3 working days for the transaction(s) to finally reflect in our Bank account.

    *Note: all the above happen within seconds from when an order is placed*


    Why did my transaction fail?

    There are 2 major reasons for failed transactions.

    1. Insufficient funds. If the amount in your bank account or credit card is insufficient to cater to your online purchase, a failed transaction notification will be sent by the payment gateway to you (the customer) and us (the merchant). In this case, steps 1 to 4 have happened. At step 5, your bank will notify the payment processing company that you have insufficient funds. The payment processing company in turn will feed that information to the payment gateway, resulting in a failed transaction notification. Please check your balance before placing an order to prevent this from happening.
    1. Discrepancy on your card or bank account billing address and the billing address you entered at online checkout. To reduce/prevent fraud, both billing addresses must match. The payment gateway on our website will verify and authenticate this information when you attempt to place an order on our website. In this case, if there is sufficient fund in your bank account or card, steps 1 to 5 will happen. The payment processing company will place a hold on the transaction amount, which you will see as a pending transaction in your bank account or credit card, but payment will NOT be transferred to us because your bank will also notify them of the discrepancy. Depending on your issuing bank, the hold on the transaction amount may be released same day, or it may be released in to 2 to 3 working days, after all transactions have been settled by the payment processing company. 
    1. Network Issues. A lot of systems interaction happens in background during the processing of online transactions. Sometimes, one of the systems may be down, causing a breakdown in communication which may lead to failure in the processing of transactions. In this case, none of the above steps will happen, and you may need to retry the transaction.


    How do I create an account with Exodus Beauty?

    1. Click ‘My Account’ on the top right-hand corner of the website homepage (, and the log-in form will come up.
    1. Click "Create account" and fill in the information in the spaces provided.


    How do I earn rewards points?

    • We use a third-party app to manage Reward Points embedded on our website. You should see a pink gift box at the bottom left of your screen on the homepage.
    • If browsing our website on a desktop, the gift box will open as an automatic pop-up prompting you to join the reward program and create an account online, if you do not have one already. If you already have an account, you can sign in.
    • For mobile/Tab users, the pop-up is not automatic, to prevent it from affecting your browsing experience. You need to click the pink gift box for details.

    You get rewarded for taking specific actions when you join our reward program.



    Sign Up

    50 Exodus Beauty Points

    Celebrate a Birthday (Customers must enter their birthday in the required fields at sign up) at least 30 days in advance to be rewarded

    100 Exodus Beauty Points

    Place an Order

    2 Exodus Beauty Points for every £1 spent (Whenever you order online, you earn 2 points for every £1 you spend at Exodus Beauty, excluding VAT and shipping costs).

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    Refer a friend

    £5 discount for both parties, if the referred friend places an order. A minimum purchase amount of £50 applies to the discount for the referring customer.



    • All points expire after one year from the date they were earned.
    • A total of 100 Reward Points will get you a £5 discount off some amazing hair at This discount can be applied at checkout stage when placing an order.
    • Whenever you place an order, you earn 2 Exodus Beauty Points for every £1 spent. Remember, if you are not logged into your account, you will not be awarded the reward points. Be sure to log in online before placing an order.
    • For details regarding your reward points, and to view your accumulated points, click the pink gift box at the bottom left corner of your screen. Once you sign up or join, you will receive an email.
    • If, after 24 hours, you do not receive any email notification, please contact customer service by sending an email to or calling us on 07309099587.


    How do I Find Security Code (CVV number)?

    The security code, or CVV2, is a 3- or 4-digit number printed flat (not embossed) on either the back or front of your credit or debit card. This code provides extra fraud protection by ensuring that you have the credit card with you and that the credit card number is valid.


    Is your website secure? Will my personal and credit card information be kept safe?

    • Our website is hosted on the Shopify platform that uses industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to protect the security of your payment information during transmission.
    • However, it is important for you to protect yourself against unauthorized access to your passwords, credit card information, and your computer.
    • We never have had problem with security of customers credit card and information.
    • In line with Data Privacy Laws in the EU and UK, we do not sell your email address or other personal information to others. It is strictly used for transactional purposes. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


    I have cancelled my Order, but my funds are yet to be reversed. Why?

    As per the information provided in the “How Online transactions work” section, whenever a customer places an order through our website, the payment processing company confirms from your credit card company or bank if you have sufficient funds to pay. Once the bank or credit card company confirms you have sufficient funds, an automatic temporary hold on the transaction amount is placed on your credit/debit card.

    This is done so that there’s sufficient fund to settle the merchant at the end of the business day, should the transaction be successful. If the transaction is then cancelled by the merchant or funds are not transferred to the merchant within a specified timeframe, your bank or credit card company will release the hold on the amount automatically, allowing the customer access to funds.

    However, the customer may still see the temporary hold as a pending balance in their online statement. For further information on this process, we suggest that you contact your credit card company or bank.


    I was charged twice, what should I do? 

    There is a high possibility that one of the charges is a pending charge.
    Please refer to the above question " I have cancelled my Order, but my funds are yet to be reversed. Why?" for more information.


    Part 3: Gift Cards, Sales & Promotions

    • From time to time, we may run sale or promotional offers to eligible customers/members. When we do, a unique discount code will be provided that can be applied at checkout manually, or automatically.
    • If the discount is applied automatically, you will see the discount at checkout so no further action will be required. If a manual code is provided, you will have to enter the code in the discount text box provided. For it to work, please ensure that the code is carefully copied and there are no spaces after it.
    • For certain items, no refund is issued if you change your mind and wish to return your items if they are not faulty. A gift card will be issued to you as a form of store credit towards a future purchase. The gift card will be automatically emailed to you once it's been set up, and the code can be applied in the gift card/discount text box at checkout. You can use it until the amount on the card is exhausted.
    • If you decide to buy a gift card for someone, we sell Gift Cards as products on our website - more information on this will be updated on this page.
    • If you decide to buy in bulk as a hair stylist, you will be eligible for bulk discount or if you prefer, you can get a unique referral code to give to your customers so they can purchase from us directly.
    • If you have any questions, please call 07309099587 or email us at


    Part 4: Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

    What is Your Return Policy?

    Please view our Return Policy for more details

    What is Your Privacy Policy?

    Please view our Privacy Policy for more details

    What is Your Shipping Information?

    Please view our Shipping Information for more details about general shipping


    Part 5: Colour Chart & Disclaimer

    How do I look up the colour chart?

    • We provide colour swatches on wigs/braids as a guide to help you decide your preferred colour.
    • The actual colour of the product colour may differ. Each manufacturer's colour may differ even though the colour name is the same.
    • Please refer to our Color Swatch Disclaimer for details. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.



    Thank you for shopping at We try our best to satisfy our customers, but some issues may still occur. Before placing your order, we encourage you to read our Terms and Conditions (this includes our Shipping and Return Policies) of purchase. By accepting them, you are agreeing to be bound by them and they form the contractual basis upon which potential issues will be resolved.

    • Unclaimed Orders. As per our Shipping Policy, orders that are unclaimed after delivery has been attempted by our courier partners will be returned to us after 30 days or 120 days for foreign orders. If you want your parcel redelivered, you will be responsible for shipping costs.
    • Right to Cancel your Order: As per our Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to cancel and refund your order solely based on our discretion. You also have a right to cancel your order before it is shipped. After your order is shipped, you must notify us within 14 days, and return the parcel within 14 days (UK customers only). Please ensure that the conditions stated in our Return & Exchange Policy are met.


    Product Description

    Except for Hand-Made/Customized products, we do not manufacture most of the products we sell. Before buying a particular item, we strongly encourage you to research the product(s) by watching YouTube video reviews or checking Social media platforms for photos of the product to have an idea of how it looks. The brands we retail are well-known brands, and you can easily find them online. Once a product has been removed from its original packaging, we will not accept it back.

    For assistance, please email and we may be able to help. Please also note the following.

    • The description and quality of all products sold on is in accordance with manufacturers printed or given descriptions.
    • For some of hair care products we sell are for professional use only, and we are assuming that you are a professional hair care personnel, therefore you are responsible for all the before and after results of the professional hair care products.

    Thank you for your time and support.
    - Exodus Beauty Team

    Thank you for visiting. Please find below a summary of our Shipping Policy which forms part of our Terms and Conditions of Sale. 

    If you have any questions. Please use the "Ask a Question" form in the Product Page or Review section below or email


    UK Domestic Delivery / Shipping Rates (Excluding Channel Islands)

    • Same Day Shipping. Tracking Update Available (Next Business Day Delivery, for orders placed before 3 pm, Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays): £10.50
    • Shipping within 24 to 48 hours. Tracking Update Available (Delivery in 3 to 5 Business Days, for orders placed between Mon-Fri excl Bank Holidays): £6.99
    • Shipping within 24 to 48 hours. Tracking Update Available (Delivery in 5 to 7 Business Days, for orders placed between Mon-Fri excl Bank Holidays): £5.99
    Royal Mail tracked shipments will only show in Track & Trace once your parcel has arrived at a depot. Delivery confirmation numbers will only show once your post has arrived at its destination.


    Shipping to the Channel Islands

    • To ensure your parcel is delivered safely, we currently offer only Tracked shipping services to the Channel Islands (Jersey & Guernsey) for £6.99 (Delivery in 3 to 5 Business days) or £5.99 (Delivery in 5 to 7 Business days).
    • As they are subject to customs check upon arrival, it may take longer than estimated for your parcel to get to you. You will however be kept up to date via email or SMS regarding the delivery status.


    International Shipping Rates, Shipping to Europe and Rest of the World                                                 

    • Shipping To the USA. Estimated Delivery in 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the state: £39.99 (USPS/International Tracked), £49.99 (USPS/International Tracked & Signed).
    • Shipping To Canada. Estimated Delivery in 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the province: £39.99 (International Tracked).
    • Shipping To Australia, New Zealand. Estimated Delivery in 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the region: £39.99 (International Tracked).
    • Shipping To Europe/European Union*. Estimated Delivery in 5 to 7 Business Days: £35.99 (UPS Standard Shipping), £39.99 (UPS Express Shipping), £11.99 (International Standard For Orders less than £20)


    *Shipping to Europe (including EU member countries)

    • The UK has left the EU. There are a couple of changes we wish to bring to your attention to make sure that you are aware of the impact Britain’s exit from the EU will have on your purchase.

    How does this affect if you are ordering from the EU?

    • Following the UK’s exit from the European Union, orders with a value exceeding €22 sent to the EU from Great Britain are liable to import VAT charges (and customs duty if applicable).
    • The VAT exemption for parcels with a value up to €22 is no longer applicable.
    • All goods arriving in the EU from outside the EU, including Great Britain, are now liable to VAT at the local rate of VAT in the customer’s country (and for orders over €150, customs duty may also be applicable) regardless of the value of the order.
    • The price you pay on our site will now include your country’s Value Added Tax (VAT). 
    • You may need to pay import/customs duty (applicable if your order value exceeds 150 €) in your country when your package arrives.


    Please ensure you familiarize yourself with the applicable import/customs duty charges on Wigs/Hair/Beauty/Hair Care Cosmetic products in your country payable by you. Exodus Beauty is not responsible for these. If you do not pay the applicable charges and your goods are returned to us, the order value will be refunded, excluding shipping costs.

    There may also be delays in delivery as your package will need to be assessed by the customs authorities in your country. The postal/courier service acting on behalf of customs in your country will contact you directly if there are any charges to pay. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide timelines as processing times vary from country to country. 

    For the standard VAT rate now applicable to your purchase, please visit

    Thank you for your custom. Please find a summary of our Returns & Exchange Policy, which forms part of our Terms and Conditions of Sale. 

    For more information, please carefully read our Returns and Exchange Policy. If you have any questions regarding returning or exchanging your order, please email We will do our best to respond promptly, depending on the nature of your inquiry.

    • To notify us of an Exchange or Return request, please use the form in the Contact Us - Returns section on our website.

    • Please check your order carefully upon receipt and notify us immediately if there’s a problem. If you have received a damaged item, please provide us with photo or video evidence clearly showing the damage. A refund or replacement will be provided.

    • Wigs are sensitive items. For hygiene reasons, Wigs and/or Braids MUST BE in the same condition and packaging as received when returning the product to us. You have 14 days to change your mind, and another 14 days (28 days in total) to return any unwanted product(s) to us. Any returned goods (s) sent to us after the return window has closed will be disregarded.


    • We do NOT manufacture most of the products we sell. We are ONLY retailers. It is okay to open the package to feel the texture or have a better look at the color of the product. However, If the product has been excessively tampered with and/or repackaged in a condition that makes it unsuitable for resale, any loss we suffer will be borne by the customer. You will be notified via email before we return it to you. NO REFUND or EXCHANGE will be processed.


    • Return shipping is NOT free. We do NOT include a return label with orders. You are responsible for the cost of returning the product(s) to us. Please handle your items carefully when returning them so they are in a resaleable condition upon receipt. In certain circumstances, the shipping cost of an exchange product(s) will be borne by us.


    • Please always include your Order Number when contacting us about a Return or Exchange. It will help us easily locate your order to identify what you purchased. We recommend that you use the same email address and/or phone number used in placing an order when contacting us. For Exchanges, please also state the product(s) you would like to exchange the returned product with.

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